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We are committed to the research and development of Nano-photocatalytic technology. Its materials are now widely used in ships and other marine installations. It can effectively reduce the growth of marine organisms, so that the ship can always maintain the best speed, reduce fuel consumption, protect the marine ecology, and move towards the goal of carbon neutrality.


This technology has achieved remarkable achievements, and has been awarded invention awards and honorable mentions in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Canada and Shanghai. In addition, it can effectively eliminate bacteria and viruses, and it is also suitable for building materials, especially in damp and dark places where bacteria is easy to breed, such as garbage rooms, storage rooms, etc.


We provide renovation, refurbishment and maintenance works services for buildings throughout Hong Kong. In order to keep up with the rapid pace of the society, we are also preparing to provide emergency home repair services so that home repair problems can be solved as soon as possible. ​


We continue to conduct research work with the University of Hong Kong and the City University of Hong Kong. In addition to the Nano-photocatalytic technology that has been developed and launched into the market, we are now jointly developing micro-portable air conditioners with the functions of "induced evaporation" and "waste-to-energy". This research and development will greatly reduce power consumption and save energy.

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Chairman’s Statement

Dear Shareholders,


On behalf of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of DCB Holdings Limited (the “Company”), I am delighted to present this annual report of the Company and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as the “Group”) for the year ended 31 March 2022 (the “Year” or “2022”) to the shareholders of the Company.


The fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak in early 2022 brought significant adverse effects to various industries in Hong Kong. We have faced a significant delay in the work schedules of certain projects which deteriorate our financial performance. Although we are still facing the prolonged adverse effect of the pandemic, the Board believes that the pandemic will finally subside. The Group will continue to assess the impact of the pandemic on our operations and financial performances and closely monitor and manage our exposure to the risks and uncertainties in connection with the outbreak of the pandemic.


During the Year, the Group’s revenue decreased by approximately 5.2% to approximately HK$213.1 million from approximately HK$224.9 million for the year ended 31 March 2021 (the “Previous Year” or “2021”).

The decrease was mainly attributable to the delay in work schedules of certain projects due to the fifth wave of COVID-19 outbreak in Hong Kong.


The Group recorded a loss and total comprehensive expenses of approximately HK$13.6 million for the Year, as compared to that of a profit and total comprehensive income of approximately HK$2.6 million for the Previous Year.

This was mainly due to decreases in gross profit and other income.


The Board believes that the demand for the high-end fitting-out and renovation services will stay strong, and the Group will continue to develop this market accordingly.

In addition, the Board discovered that there is a high demand for on-site housing repair and maintenance services in Hong Kong. The Group will try to explore the opportunities in the provision of housing repair and maintenance services.


Meanwhile, the Board believes that sustainable development is vital to our earth.

The Group has completed several fitting-out and renovation projects designed with ESG concept. In future, the Group will continue to seek new business opportunities which aim to energy-saving and carbon neutrality.


Recently, the Group has obtained an exclusive license for sales of a nano-photocatalytic antifouling material (the “Nano-AM”) that is an eco-friendly material effectively preventing unwanted growth of microorganisms onto the coated surfaces, currently being used as a surface disinfecting material and protective paint on building materials, boats and yachts. The Board believes that the Nano-AM can have useful applications in our fitting-out and renovation projects and also can be a good opportunity for the Group to broaden its income streams through sales of the Nano-AM in the construction materials market.

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