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Business|Coolpoint Innonism

Inheritance and innovation, promote the development of environmental protection, energy saving, carbon reduction and other fields related to university research and development.

  • Recycling air-conditioning heat to generate electricity

  • Recycling air-conditioning condensate for dust removal, sterilization and dehumidification

  • Develop ultra-small air conditioners for personal comfort space

Under Construction
Interior Design Construction

Nano photocatalytic antifouling and sterilization technology has achieved effective results and innovative marine nano photocatalytic technology

(patent pending)

  • A new generation of photocatalytic nano bottom coating breaks through the terms of non-warranty

  • At the beginning of 2022, it will receive funding from the ITF Innovation and Technology Agency to develop more durable nano-coatings

  • In 2022, it will be applied to the sluices of government public projects for the first time, and the accumulation will effectively save money and time


Decoration Innovative decoration concept, adhering to the new purpose of the group's high-quality craftsmanship,

Especially when there is a breakdown in the living room and there is no one to support and maintain it.

"Best Housing Service Limited" has sprung up suddenly, and it is specially designed to deal with emergency air-conditioning, water and electricity, water leakage, door locks and other matters for thousands of households.

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